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The Grail Quest

Yearning over happiness, reaching for impossible dreams

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I'm an artist, writer, graphic designer, event planner, problem solver, visionary, and mystic. I currently live half in St. Louis, half in Kansas City, and I've lived in Chicago, Minneapolis, and am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I dream of huge, impossible projects, and then work to bring them into being. I'm never happier than when I've been up for days, the deadline is looming, and my fingernail's torn off. I love when I'm lit up and passionate for a project, driven to feats of creativity.

The types of projects that I enjoy include event design, whether that's a themed masquerade ball, a Star Wars party, a public ritual, a weekend conference and workshops, or building an outdoor shrine. I dream of building things on the scale of Stonehenge. I've built an outdoor shrine to the Goddess Brigid.

I've recently completed a training program in leadership to be a priestess/clergy for earth-based spirituality/paganism at the Diana's Grove Mystery School.

I am often the person on the team who has the big vision, and I then inspire the team to manifest the vision. I see myself as a mixture of Fire and Water...passion and igniting the team, and inspiration, imagination, and creative source.

I often consider myself on a life long Grail quest, on my own mythic hero's journey. I'll always choose yearning for moreover static happiness.