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23 March 2010 @ 07:03 pm
This week's astrology from Rob. I'm already feeling some of this Gemini energy--I met some really wonderful women this weekend and the shy little seed of my heart is reaching out some sprouts and tendrils to feel out if it might work for these connections to grow into friendships, or even a working group.

As for the banishing a minor health problem, that would be nice. 2 come to mind. One is fairly minor but aggravating--my hip is hurting really badly, and I think it's probably from sleeping on couches and air mattresses. There's a possibility of my being able to actually sleep on a bed in the near future if the weather warms up and I can move into the studio above the garage.

The other health problem is minor, I suppose--I'm back on my thyroid meds again, but not sure if it's doing anything for my metabolism or helping me lose weight. Certainly I've adjusted my eating and am removing carbs, but I need to work in an exercise regimen somehow. Once again, moving into the studio would help tremendously as living in people's living rooms doesn't provide a lot of ability to do exercise work.

All in all, some good omens, and I could use them after the Tower of the past winter.

I include 3 signs for my Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising, and Pisces Moon.

Below info from http://FreeWillAstrology.com

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): The odds are higher than usual that you'll
encounter a future soul brother or soul sister in the coming weeks.
Potential allies are gravitating toward you, even if neither they nor you
are aware of it yet. You're also likely to brush up against a tribe or team
you could benefit from knowing more about. That's why I'm counseling
you to be extra open to meeting people you don't know. Talk to
strangers. Ask your friends to introduce you to their friends. And consider
the possibility of skipping over the customary social formalities so you
can reveal some of the core truths about who you are right from the

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Sci-fi author Neil Gaiman sometimes invites
his readers to get involved in his creative process. While working on the
story "Metamorpho," for example, he Twittered, "Trying to decide if
broccoli is funnier than kohlrabi in a list of vegetables." When a number of
fans suggested "rutabaga" instead, he took their suggestion. (Thanks to
*The New Yorker* for that report.) I'd like to borrow Gaiman's approach,
as you're entering a phase of your astrological cycle when you'll have
maximum power to shape your own destiny. So here's my question: What
accomplishment would you like your horoscope to say you will complete
by May 15? Email me at Truthrooster@gmail.com.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): I'm inclined to prophesy that in the days to
come, you may be able to read the minds of people whose actions are
critical to your success. I also suspect that you will know exactly what to
do in order to banish a minor health problem. I'm even tempted to believe
that when you gaze into the mirror you will be more intrigued than you've
been in a while. Have you ever heard a bird sing a song just for you? Did
you ever find a small treasure you assumed was lost forever?
Developments like those are in the works. There's only one catch: To get
the most out of this grace period, you will have to summon more faith in
yourself than you usually do.
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Ringing Anvil presents:
Ostara Ritual Arts and Planning Workshop
March 21st, 12-6pm,
Location 1950 N. Bartlett, Milwaukee WI.

Take a breath...can you smell the season turning from Winter to Spring?

At this workshop, we will explore basic tools for putting on public rituals with a focus on ecstatic ritual and experiential ritual work. If you've wanted to lead, or better support public rituals, or see more excellence in public rituals, this is a great introduction to tools and skills for offering rituals that will really help a group sink into the work.

We'll also brainstorm about Ostara and Spring in order to help plan the Closing ritual for the Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council's Ostara Festival on March 28th. http://www.milwaukeeostarafestival.com/ Participants in the class who wish to can choose to support the ritual on the 28th. We will also do an Ostara ritual as part of this afternoon workshop.

It is Ostara, time for the Seeds of Change. The seeds awaken within the earth, softening with the melting snow and rains, and stretching toward the rising light.

What seeds do you plant now, or have you planted in the earth before the cold season? What are the seeds that you wish to tend for this year? This is the time of healing, and of regeneration. What are your hopes, wishes, and dreams that you will pray for? Will you hold the seeds planted in the rich earth of your heart, and imagine the tree grown strong?

Donations accepted on a sliding scale from $1-$50. Register or ask questions -- ShaunaAura@gmail.com

Location: 1950 N. Bartlett, Milwaukee WI.
It's a building with big iron/copper doors on the corner, and those are the doors to come to. To get there, I came in on North Avenue and then headed south on Bartlett, which is a small/angle street, and it's 2-3 blocks down.

The class will begin right at noon until 6pm. I'll be there from 11:30 am on and I encourage you to arrive early so we can begin on time. You're welcome to arrive at 11:30 and eat a sack lunch while you're there. We'll take breaks, but you should eat lunch before you arrive or bring some food/snacks to eat during breaks.

Inside the venue will be water, chairs, and a bathroom. Please take care of your own needs; there are several kinds of chairs (deep squishy comfy ones, and folding chairs) or you can bring floor pillows, whatever makes you most comfortable.
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19 March 2010 @ 06:01 am
Ringing Anvil presents:

Fire, Drum, & Chant:
A gathering of movement, energy, ritual, rhythm & song

Saturday, March 20, 2010 6pm-9pm
Occult Bookstore 1164 N. Milwaukee Ave.Chicago IL, 60622

Join us for dancing, chanting, and an ecstatic jam and transformational ritual to celebrate the season.

This event combines the elements of a drum jam, a chant share, and intensive ecstatic ritual. Through experiential work we will explore tools and techniques for ecstatic rituals. Together we will co-create a ritual to focus on healing work, building energy, or using the seasonal tides to effect personal transformation.

How do we raise energy in ritual? How do we facilitate potent, transformative rituals?

March 20 we celebrate the winds of change, the equinox, the spring thaw that melts the ice away and prepares us for the growth to come. What do you yearn for, hope for? What waters need to melt, what fires need to rise?

The fun begins at 6pm. Come on out and bring your drums, flutes, violins, your bodies, your voices, your shakers and rattles and jingly scarves. If you’ve wanted to learn more chants, or share the ones you know, if you’ve been wanting to drum or dance together, or just wanting to bask in an ecstatic group ritual, this is a time to play, to jam, to raise some fire together and connect.

Join us to harness the fire of our life force and raise up the sacred fire in our hearts!

Sliding scale $5-$25, no one turned away. Half the proceeds will go to support Occult Bookstore. Please RSVP by emailing ShaunaAura@ringinganvil.org

Facilitated by: Shauna Aura.
Would you like to help facilitate future events? Please contact Shauna with ideas or questions, and to join in co-creating this monthly ecstatic gathering.

We come together in mutual respect and nonviolence for a drug and alcohol free event. All traditions and paths welcome.

Shauna Aura
Shauna has taught throughout the Midwest and has served as a leader for several Earth-centered spirituality organizations. Her organization, Ringing Anvil, offers an intensive educational program in the transformative arts of community leadership, ritual, and spiritual growth.

Shauna is inspired by mythic imagination, awakening the vision of the impossible, the pulse of ecstatic drumming, and the song of a healthy, sustainable community. She has organized conferences, themed events, and created rituals, shrines, and art installations. She is a graduate of the Diana’s Grove leadership and ritual arts program and the Chicago C3 leadership program in environmental sustainability, and her articles have been published in several Pagan magazines.

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12 March 2010 @ 06:04 pm
Wow. A really brilliant post on depression. Has me thinking about a lot of things, including how long I've been in denial and waited to reach out and get help. Fortunately, I'm not in the "feeling totally hopeless and considering suicide" category of depression, but I certainly know I've lost function and am not what I could be.

Here's to the therapy I'm beginning at a clinic in Milwaukee. And here's an article on depression that everyone should read.

03 March 2010 @ 12:01 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 22:34 Yesterday I helped organize the Starhawk event in Milwaukee. Great workshop on power and a ritual to send energy to the community. Awesome! #

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28 February 2010 @ 12:11 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 17:35 Cool! Found out an article I wrote is being published in Beltane Papers journal, and some of my art will be in the publication as well. #

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26 February 2010 @ 12:06 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 23:52 The best part of my day is when I come back to my Mom's and Luna, my cat, is excited to see me. I love this cat. #

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23 February 2010 @ 12:01 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 16:24 I had an amazing time at Convocation; in the burning ruins of my Tower, I felt the starlight and remembered why I love to do this work. #
  • 11:45 Some beams from the Tower are still falling; the last of the old structure has to burn down, but I feel the Starlight on my back. #
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17 February 2010 @ 12:01 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 02:23 Brigid, my the healing flame & the fire of inspiration light in me. I hear the ringing anvil of transformation shaping my heart. Hold me. #
  • 02:25 Freya, may the amber-gold light of love pour into me like honey. May the cats-eye gold strength of your sword fortify. I stand in my power. #
  • 02:27 Lady of the blue light, the water & the moon, may the waters of your grail fill me, may I stand in the water temple and fill with its song. #
  • 02:29 I am of moonlight & of golden sun, of water and fire. I have wings. And I am more than this. Give me the strength to stand in my integrity. #
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15 February 2010 @ 12:04 pm
My life in bullet points:

  • 12:03 Mark broke up with me over the phone on Friday, and Saturday told me to leave the apartment by noon Saturday. Feb. 14th and I'm homeless. #

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